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Growing Construction Projects Driving Steel Industry in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has become one of the largest steel consumers in the GCC region due to rising steel demand for infrastructure and construction projects. The construction sector in the country is considered as the largest and the fastest growing market in the Gulf region with huge growth potential. Due to rising steel demand, the country has become one of the favorite destinations for the major steel producers across the world.

Further, according to a recent report by RNCOS, “KSA Steel Industry Forecast 2015”, the steel consumption in Saudi Arabia has witnessed tremendous growth on the back of  rising construction activities, growing investment in railway, infrastructure and road projects, cheap and reliable energy supply. In future, the apparent steel consumption is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 19.5% during 2012-2015.

As per our research findings, long products account for the major share in production as well as consumption in Saudi Arabia. In long products, rebar steel dominates the total finished steel consumption due to large number of ongoing infrastructure and construction projects in the country. Our report covers a detailed analysis of rebar production and consumption in Saudi Arabia. Besides, it also covers information about long products, flat products and tubular products production and consumption detail.

We have also found that steel industry in Saudi Arabia is highly import oriented as more than half of the steel consumption in the country is met through imports. Our report covers a detailed analysis of steel imports in the country including finished steel, semi-finished steel, ingots, long products, flat products and tubular products import. In addition, it also covers information on the major iron and steel exporting countries to Saudi Arabia in which Turkey dominated in terms of iron and steel import while China Mainland dominated in exports of articles of iron and steel in 2010.

The report “KSA Steel Industry Forecast 2015”, by RNCOS covers the prominent steel industry value chain determinants like production, consumption, pricing and key players. It has presented a look at the sector’s past, present, and future scenario. We have also studied how the regulatory environment and initiatives taken by the government are affecting the market. Through the section of steel pricing analysis, we have tried to provide the reasons behind fluctuating pricing trend in the country.

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