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Increasing Privatization Boosting Hospital Services’ Industry

RNCOS in its latest report, “Indian Healthcare - New Avenues for Growth”, says Hospital services constitute an important part of the overall Indian healthcare industry and as privatization is growing in a broad sense, market for hospital care is becoming more lucrative and profitable. Increasing life expectancy has been a major growth driver and rise in population is expected to drive the future growth of the market. Due to significant improvements in infrastructure and service provisions, Indian hospital services market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during 2011-2014.

As more and more people are getting attracted towards private hospitals’ services, the revenue pattern in private hospital services segment is expected to comprise around major share of the total market in 2011, and it is expected that its share will increase gradually with each passing year. Besides, the private players enlarged their presence in country through their expansion in tier-II and tier-III cities backed by rising income level and life standards in these cities.

Further, to provide better healthcare services, mobile surgical center is a new emerging concept in the healthcare service provider. In India, almost 60% of all surgeries can be done in a day care mode as current infrastructure supports. Day care surgeries will hugely bridge the gap between the demand and supply by providing cost effective and superior care.

The report analyzes several factors that are critical to the growth of the industry. It provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of the Indian healthcare market and evaluates the various segments along with reliable market statistics. It also identifies current and past trends of the industry and analyzes the impact in a comprehensive manner. Future forecast till 2014 has also been drawn on the base of the growth drivers discussed in the report. Overall, the research report will help clients to have a proper insight of the Indian healthcare market’s current and future performance and help them to devise their investment strategy accordingly.

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