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Pharmacogenomics Set to Drive the Global Bioinformatics Market

A new research report from RNCOS reveals that pharmaceutical companies are actively adapting to pharmacogenomic approach for developing new drugs. In this regard, bioinformatics tools are playing a major role. Players in the bioinformatics sector are thus launching innovative software and tools to provide a comprehensive pharmacogenomic analysis.

Currently, popular bioinformatics databases include Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase (PharmGKB), DrugBank, etc. PharmGKB, developed by Stanford University, contains both manually curated and automatically text-mined associations of human variations to drug response. DrugBank is a more drug-focused resource containing structural, chemical, and pharmacologic properties for over 6,800 drugs. DrugBank also contains the amino acid target sequences for individual drugs, enabling the identification of variants falling in drug binding sites. Both these databases along with others are being actively updated with latest innovative features like tools for predicting new gene-drug interactions and complex drug responses. Moreover, players are also launching new bioinformatics products to cater to the growing demand of pharmacogenomics.

The report titled, “Bioinformatics Market Outlook to 2015”, provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the current status and expected position of the global bioinformatics market. It projects the future size of the overall market for the period spanning from 2012-2015 and covers effective description of the key drivers that will propel the growth of the same. Moreover, the report forecasts the future performance of key segments of the bioinformatics market for the same period. It analyzes the opportunity assessment for companies in the global bioinformatics market in terms of innovative products and leading technologies.

Additionally, market analysis in key regions of the world along with recent industry developments has also been included in the report to provide a balanced outlook on the potentials of the global bioinformatics sector.

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