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RNCOS Releases a New Report - Brazil Truck Market Analysis

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Brazil Truck Market Analysis” to its report gallery. Brazil, one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturing markets, has been witnessing healthy growth compared to the global auto industry due to the strong domestic demand and exports market. In Brazil, trucks are mainly used as the primary mode of transportation for freight movement.  This service in the country is generally provided by independent owners, who are not able to provide centralized large volume services. On the back of growing demand of goods in different regions of the country, the production of trucks has been growing continuously.

The report, “Brazil Truck Market Analysis”, found that the country was far ahead of its regional counterparts, including Argentina and Mexico in 2011. It covers the detailed analysis of trucks in Brazil, including the study of production and sales. For presenting the data in an organized manner, we have divided the complete truck market in Brazil under three sections namely Light, medium and heavy trucks. Based on our findings of latest trends and drivers prevailing in the Brazilian truck industry, it has been revealed that on the back of increased use of flex-fuel vehicles and automobile financing etc, truck market in Brazil received a strong boost. Flex-fuel vehicle is the most accepted segment among Brazilians due to its multi-choice of refueling system. Also due to the supportive government regulations on biofuel usage, the sales of flex-fuel vehicles have been registering blistering growth over the past few years.

Our comprehensive research covers various aspects and segments of the Brazilian trucks’ industry along with a snapshot of major players in the industry. Overall, it aims at providing an unbiased picture of the Brazilian truck market to clients.

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