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Vehicle Navigation Dominates the GPS Application Market

Vehicle navigation market is estimated to have the largest share in overall mobile location technologies market. Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle tracking is useful in locating stolen cars or to provide services, like locating the nearest gas station to the driver. Based on the present market, it can be estimated that the vehicle navigation market will grow at a CAGR of over 9% during 2012-2015. With this, the vehicle navigation share in the total mobile location technologies market will thus reach more than half of the total market, mainly due to higher use of portable car navigation devices.

According to our research report by RNCOS, “GPS Market Forecast to 2015” GPS technology has developed its applications across various industries. Some applications are simple, such as determining a position, whereas others are complex blends of GPS with communications and other technologies. Over the past years, the rapid growth in GPS commercial applications has been observed by the firms building GPS satellites and equipments.

As per our findings, the market for smartphone-based GPS technology has established its dominance in the past few years and expected to remain the major segment boosting the growth. The growing number of smartphones, technology convergence, mobile commerce, and location-based shopping are all expected to boost the GPS market worldwide in future. Our report covers a detailed analysis of GPS market in various regions comprising the drivers of GPS application growth in these areas.

Our report, “GPS Market Forecast to 2015”, covers extensive research and thorough analysis of the GPS market worldwide. All the current trends and developments of the GPS industry has been evaluated in the report. The report also features exclusive forecasts for various GPS application areas, including navigation, survey & mapping, machine control and other applications. Our study also looks into the competitive landscape and provides strengths and weakness analysis and other significant information. Overall, the report will help clients analyze the driving forces and understand the opportunities existing in this industry.

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