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Get Truck driver Licence Easily

Many people around the world take driving as one of the milestones of their life. So they welcome it when an opportunity comes to them. This type of aspiration may be called fascination. But for some people who seek to learn driving for earning their livlihood becomes a matter of necessity. So to establish in the career of driver, they look for an ideal driving school. If you are a beginner and don’t know what a driving school is and the exact way of getting an entry there, please go through the article to be aware of the matters.

What is a driving school?

A driving school is an intuition or an organization that teaches people how to drive various cars, busses, trucks and heavy vehicles on demand. Some of these have power to issue certificates. These driving schools generally keep qualified driving instructors to make their students aware of carrier-oriented driving lessons and share their knowledge on the operation of various vehicles on road. They try to develop a driving skill in students so that they can easily operate their vehicles. The program or course that has been designed for a successful truck driver is very tough, but the driving schools make them easy for the students.   


In the present day in Australia a trend of becoming a truck driver is being found among the mid-class people. They are choosing it as their profession.  To meet this purpose they are looking to get enrolments from a reputed truck driving school. These schools help them not just to understand the driving methods but teach them everything requires for particular type of truck driving. Now take a look on types of trucks that an Aussie trucker aspires to learn.


Depending upon the length, sizes, weight and power, there are four popular types of trucks in Australia.

They are light rigid, medium rigid, heavy rigid and heavy combo. Now go through the following points given bellow to know them in details to bag your truck driver licence at the very first attempt.


LR (Light Rigid Licence- This course has been designed to train drivers how to drive 2 or more axle rigid vehicle of more than 4.5 tonnes GVM and can reach up to a maximum of 8 tonnes GVM. It includes both theory and practical that enables a learner to pass the VicRoads testing criteria or equivalent that requires testing of theory, operational skill and practical driving easily.


MR (Medium Rigid Licence) - This course has been designed for the candidates who look training to drive a truck with a GVM more than 9 tonnes. It includes both theory and practical skills require passing the relevant VicRoads testing criteria.

Heavy Rigid - This type of licence allows one driving any type of rigid vehicle including the motor vehicle with 3 or more axles and a GVM of more than 8 tonnes. The course has been designed to train drivers to a competent standard in both theory and practical that enables one to pass the relevant VicRoads testing criteria for theory, skills and practical driving in the category of Heavy Rigid.

Heavy Combo - This process helps driver get a competent standard that enables them to pass the relevant VicRoads testing criteria, skills and practical driving in the category of Heavy combination. This type of licence is designed for those who wish to upgrade them from either a MR or HR class.


If you look to set yourself as established truck driver, get started with an ideal school. You can choose New Teach Driving School in NSW (Australia) to get your truck driver licence with minimum effort at the very first attempt.


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