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Benefits of Using Biogas Plants

One of the most recent inventions of energy sources include the biogas plant which produce biogas from animal waste and sewage. It is an anaerobic digester that produces fuel from energy crops which are mainly produced for the production of bio fuels rather than for consumption purposes.

Biogas Plant- Wide Range of Uses

A biogas plant has two components mainly the digester and a gas holder. Waste materials are dumped and decomposed in an air tight container called the digester. The bacteria inside the tank decompose the waste materials and form gases like methane, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and hydrogen. These gases are further stored in the gas holder and later on used for vehicle propulsion and heating purposes.

Biogas plant can be constructed in different ways depending on a number of factors like the amount of gas required, the type of digester and the amount of waste available. There are mainly two types of digesters-the continuous feeding systems and the batch feeding systems. The continuous feeding systems feed liquid wastes to the digester whereas the batch feeding systems require solid waste materials.

This particular gas has a number of uses in the modern world. It is used for producing electricity in a cost efficient manner. Moreover, this gas is known to be environment friendly. Biogas is also considered and used as the best alternative to Compressed Natural Gas or CNG. In many places this gas is also used for cooking food. Today a great number of vehicles are also fuelled by this gas.

Benefits of Using a Biogas Plant

There are substantial benefits of using a biogas plant and some of them are as follows:

* Best Fertilizer: this gas plant produces excellent fertilizer rich in nitrogen by processing cow dung. Fertilizer is produced from the biogas digester from organic waste. Such fertilizers contain a large amount of nitrogen than the other conventionally produced fertilizers.

* Eco-friendly: biogas plant helps to promote an environment friendly atmosphere by recycling waste products thereby reducing the greenhouse effects. By proper recycling of harmful waste materials, the natural resources are preserved for future generations.

* Easy to produce: with the help of these plants, it is easier to produce fertilizers especially in the rural areas. It can be produced quickly and cost efficiently.

* Effects on overall health: there are many health benefits related to these gas plants as it recycles waste materials. Studies reveal that the growth of these plants helps to reduce many diseases like respiratory problems, lung diseases, eye infections and so forth. Many of the rural homes use this gas for cooking purposes as it does not produce fumes and smokes thereby reducing health problems.

* Excellent fuel: high in calorific value, this gas is used in many vehicles as it is tantamount to diesel. This gas is also rich in methane so it is widely used in cars and other vehicles.

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