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EPABX Systems And It's Organizational Uses

EPABX system, which is the acronym for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange, is one of the most useful and efficient machine in the modern business world. This telecommunication machine has a wide number of advantages that still remain obscured from the world. It helps in connecting the business organisations with the world through a series of networks.

Main Features of an EPABX System

Today most of the large business organisations have an EPABX system to answer incoming calls and connect to internal telephones. It helps to save time and money and reduces human effort. No longer do companies require operators to connect their valuable business calls. There are many other advantages of using the EPABX system and some of them are the following:

* Connects internal calls: through this system, it is easy to connect with internal phones without any human intervention. The inclusion of an online directory within the system helps to know any extension numbers quite easily.

* Program information: calls can be directed to the correct departments or individuals by programming the system accordingly. This helps to save time and requires no intermediary.

* Speed dialling: the process of speed dialling accelerates dialling process with a single button thereby reducing possibilities of errors and better communication.

* Greater number of calls: a large number of calls can be received and made simultaneously at a single time. This reduces waiting time and callers can get connected easily.

* Easy to use: the EPABX system is easy to use as it has a number of buttons which denote the features. Most of these systems have voice interactive inquiry functions.

* Music on hold: these systems also include melodious music while the call is kept on hold.

* Hands-free systems: the system supports hands free headsets which are very convenient to use and gives more space to the user to move around and still attend calls.

* Essential for an organization: these systems are valuable assets to a business organisation. They aid in better and faster communication between people and improve business in many ways.

Features of an EPABX System

These telecommunication systems have a number of attractive features like:

* Answer with a welcome message: the EPABX system can be customised with a welcome message with the name of your company. Welcome messages can include other details about the company too.

* Voice messages: the system also supports voice message system where callers can leave their name and messages if their calls are not answered.

* Automatic redirect system: calls can be redirected to the concerned departments with the help of these systems as it has an inbuilt interactive voice response system.

* Automatic call forwarding: these systems also facilitate forwarding the calls to the concerned person’s mobile if he is unavailable in his seat.

* Automatic ring back system: the system also supports automatic ring back to the reception in case the redirected calls are unanswered.

Different types of machines are supplied by the EPABX system manufacturers in the online business portals with different features. You can choose machines according to your requisite.


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