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ISETAN MITSUKOSHI offers Japanese-style hospitality and services VOL.1

Blog post   •   Aug 23, 2018 08:31 GMT

Baby restroom (Main Building 6th Floor)

Stress-free and comfortable shopping

Let us introduce the convenience spaces inside the shop at Isetan Shinjuku Store so you can shop more conveniently and easily.

We offer our customers "stress-free and comfortable shopping" time with Japanese-style hospitality and services.

Here are some services from ISETAN SHINJUKU MAIN STORE,one of our flagship department store at Shinjuku.

① Coin-operated lockers on the side of the Men's Building passage way (Main Building Basement 1st Floor)

Customers coming from overseas may have lots of luggage when visiting us. I recommend using this coin-operated locker on the Main Building Basement 1st Floor. It is located on the side of the Men's Building passage way. Fee: ¥200 - ¥500. The fee varies depending on the size of the locker.All lockers are valid for the day of use only.


The lockers have four different sizes, from a small one to one that can fit a suitcase. There is even a refrigerated coin-operated locker. Please try using the coin-operated locker to shop with ease and move around efficiently while you are in Japan.


※ Refrigerated locker fee: ¥200 (There is no freezing function.)

② Packing and organization station (Main Building Basement 1st Floor)

There are times when you want to pack the things you bought together or organize your luggage. When you want to do so, please use the convenient luggage pack and organization station for organizing.


③ Water dispenser (Main Building No.10 stairs)

This time, I introduce the water dispenser at the No. 10 stairway in the Main Building. There are also other water dispensers at each landing of the stairs, along with an unique and comfortable restroom.


Take a break using a gorgeous sofa once you feel hydrated. There is also a floor where a sofa is provided in the restroom.


④ Baby restroom (Main Building 6th Floor)

Customers with young children can go to the baby restroom on the 6th Floor of the Main Building. Families with young children will love the clean and neat interior.


There is a meal space, diaper change station, microwave, electronic water heater, and vending machine selling baby food and beverage. It is convenient for warming up and preparing baby food. There is also a restroom where parent and child can go in together.



A nursing room is a must for many mothers when shopping with a newborn baby. You can spend a relaxing moment with your baby at this nursing room, a private room decorated with warm hues.


⑤ I Garden (Main Building Rooftop)

On the rooftop of the Shinjuku Isetan Main Building, you will find a garden like a secret hideout. There are spaces such as cottage, benches, and lawn ideal for sunbathing.

Please come up to the rooftop of the Main Building on a sunny day if you are looking for a place to let your children play around. You can also enjoy flowers blooming every season.


⑥ Smoking area in the Japanese garden (Main Building 7th Floor)

This is a Japanese garden between I Garden and the Main Building 7th Floor. A smoking area is located here, where the wind feels soothing. Having a smoke as you appreciate the sun rays, color of the sky, and the warmness the sun provides refreshes and comforts your soul.


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