Dashboard: is it the new face of Business Intelligence?

Event date 13 aprile 2011 09:30 – 14 aprile 2011 17:00

Location Residenza di Ripetta - Via di Ripetta, 231 - 00186 - Rome - Italy

Description In order to stay competitive, organizations need to consider Business Intelligence today more than ever. Whether in Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications or Government knowing your customers, employees, partners, vendors, and competitors is crucial to your success. That is Intelligence about your Business! The main goal of Business Intelligence is: Better decision making at each level of an organization and improving performance at each level resulting into better value for the share holders of the organization. Casualties of organizations for not managing the performance are a plenty. A Dashboard can be a powerful tool for, analysis, reporting and even forecasting – but the main use of a Dashboard should be Performance Management based on the strategic goals set for the organization; selecting, watching and acting based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) . We all are inundated with data. We are not only inundated with data but also with tens if not hundreds of reports every day! An effective use of Dashboards will reduce these zillion financial and operational reports! No one is asking for more data or for more reports. For anyone who has to make decisions & either take action or delegate action for better performance for the Business it is imperative that the volumes of data and the number of reports that are thrown at them have to be synthesized into actionable information. It has to be presented in an easy to comprehend, attractive and user-friendly format. “A picture is worth 1000 words becomes an understatement”. Enter “Dashboards: The new face of Business Intelligence!” This seminar is a complete "how-to" instructional guide for planning, designing, implementing, using, and maintaining performance Dashboards. It shows with ample examples various Dashboard types, shows how a spreadsheet is sometimes used as a Dashboard. It discusses the various nuances of Scorecards, Balanced Scorecards, measures, and metrics and goes in details about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It demonstrates performance Dashboard implementation process and displays the characteristics of well-designed Dashboards. It clarifies the various Dos and Don’ts of implementing Dashboards with numerous examples. It warns the attendees where a Dashboard implementation can go wrong. It finally explains how to identify Dashboard opportunities in your organization and where to place the Dashboards. Main Topics What is a Dashboard? How to make your scorecard “balanced”? What is a Performance Dashboard? Performance Dashboard Implementation Process: What are the characteristics of a well-designed Dashboard? Where can a Dashboard Implementation go wrong? How to identify Dashboard Opportunities Placement of Dashboards Use of Dashboard software available as Open Source for creating, using and maintaining Dashboards Workshops


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