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Pocket Combat - Mobile Multiplayer Mayhem
Pocket Combat - Mobile Multiplayer Mayhem

Press release -

Real-Time Multiplayer Shooter for Mobile Needs Beta Testers!

Jumbon, the Finnish mobile game studio behind last year’s silly racing title, Freak Circus Racing, is putting out a public call for Beta testers for their new groundbreaking multiplayer mobile game, Pocket Combat.

Pocket Combat is the first Real-Time Online Multiplayer Shooter designed with mobile devices and touch screens in mind. The game takes core elements from hectic shooters like Quake, Unreal, & Contra, and throws into the mix a touch screen friendly One-Finger Control Scheme. Result is an unmatched multiplayer gaming experience for mobile devices.

Olli Mäntylä, the Lead Designer behind Pocket Combat shed some light on the idea behind the game: “Our goal was to bring the core experience from multiplayer shooters to your phone in a way that’s really enjoyable to play. So we decided to focus on the core elements that made games like Counter-Strike and Minebombers fun and exciting. Fast and fluid action, map control, and quick decisions became our focus points. We’ve successfully combined these with simple and smooth controls in Pocket Combat. It’s the essence of multiplayer shooters in your phone.”

In Pocket Combat players choose a Hero and enter an arena to fight against up to three other players. Currently four Heroes are available and more are on their way. Jumbon promises to release a steady stream of new features, game modes, and other content through the game’s Open Beta phase. First feature update, which adds easy Friend matches for some couch gaming fun, will be released by December.

Pocket Combat is currently in Open Beta for Android devices and can be found on Google Play Early Access around Europe and North America.

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