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This season we welcome the cool and playful Muse as she dances into Kasthall’s woven range, adding a new personality to the assortment. Muse is a treasure from Kasthall’s archive, a rich and vibrant rug which has now been reinterpreted and expanded to create this modern, woven rug.The weaving technique used to create the pattern of Muse gives a clear texture that is simultaneously tactile and robust.The meeting between the rugs’ medallion-like pattern and bright colour combinations creates a playful look that enhances any environment

Maja Johansson, designer at Kasthall, shares her thoughts on the story behind Muse:

”In our archives we found an old sample that had been woven sometime during the sixties. It had a com- pletely different expression than our other iconic patterns and instantly we felt that it was time for a new per- sonality in the Kasthall family.The techniques used back then were more complex and different from what we do these days so we had to translate that work into a pattern we can produce on our loom today. The medallion-like expression exudes both playfulness and coolness.”

Sara Althini, Head of Marketing, is equally excited about the introduction of Muse:

“We love to interpret our own history and bring these slumbering treasures back to life. With a starting point in our Swedish weaving traditions and inspiration from the international fashion scene, we are very fond of Muse. She is bringing Kasthall’s dna into the future in the most natural and exciting way. Both playful and modern, like a shining star.” 

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Kasthall has been designing and manufacturing unique woven and hand-tufted rugs since 1889. Our own factory is located since in Kinna, amid the traditional textile area in western Sweden, where the production still occurs. Over the years, Kasthall has become one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of carpets, and is now represented in 30 countries with a showroom in Stockholm, Milan and New York. Part of the secret is that we own our own production and thus control the entire manufacturing process. Another is our consistent focus on design and development.


Monika Mellén

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