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Supplementary consultation on new environmental permit

Press release -

Supplementary consultation on new environmental permit

Kaunis Iron AB is planning to apply for a completely new permit according to the Environmental Code for extraction from the iron ore deposits Tapuli, Palotieva and Sahavaara and for processing the ore therefrom in Kaunisvaara concentration plant in Pajala Municipality.

During spring 2019, Kaunis Iron began a detailed study of alternative designs for the tailings reservoir, which means that the area of the tailings reservoir will be allowed to grow, in this way to ensure that sufficient storage volume is reached. The study also covers water management and the design and location of the clearing basin. Since the alternative designs of the tailings reservoir and water management, which are currently being investigated, have not been presented or described within the framework of the previous consultations, a supplementary consultation is now to be held.

In the enclosed consultation documents, the investigated alternatives regarding the tailings reservoir and clearing basin are described, as well as the principal effects on the surroundings which the different alternatives are foreseen to give rise to.

Views on the subject can be submitted in writing no later than 3 May 2019.



Welcome to Kaunis Iron!

In Pajala, 10 miles north of the Arctic Circle and in the middle of beautiful Tornedalen, you will find Kaunis Iron.

We are a new and modern mining company that mines iron ore, which we then refine and sell to the world market. Our unique iron ore concentrate, with its quality and environmental advantages, is already in high demand among the world's steel mills.

The aim is an annual production corresponding to 2.1 million tonnes of finished product.

Kaunis Iron
Bert-Ove Johanssons väg 8
984 91 Pajala
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