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Still steady and stable: Moody’s confirm’s KommuneKredit’s Aaa-rating

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Still steady and stable: Moody’s confirm’s KommuneKredit’s Aaa-rating

The credit rating agency, Moody’s Investor Service, has published their Update to Credit Opinion confirming KommuneKredit’s Aaa rating and stable outlook. The rating is an indication that Moody's still considers KommuneKredit's financial conditions to be strong and that an investment in KommuneKredit's bonds remains a safe investment.

Moody’s highlights the following:

  • The support offered by the joint and several guarantee provided by its RLG members.
  • The agency's close association with the central government.
  • Its public policy mandate and dominant franchise in Denmark.
  • Prudent financial management.
  • KommuneKredit's excellent asset quality and very solid capitalization.

The strong rating enables us to continue to provide attractive financing to Danish municipalities and regions in the years to come. When they finance their ambitions for anything from infrastructure to sustainable change, KommuneKredit will help ensure that they – and ultimately the individual citizen - get their money’s worth in growth and development.


Press contacts

Jens Lundager

Jens Lundager

Press contact CEO +45 3369 7622


KommuneKredit is an association, whose purpose is to provide lending to municipalities and regions and companies with a 100% municipal guarantee. The association is the municipalities and regions own credit institution and exists solely for our clients.
KommuneKredit must create financial latitude for Danish local authorities by providing funding and financial advice at the lowest possible cost.

We want to be the best funding choice for our clients, regardless of the given conditions.
We want to be contemporary, efficient and engaged, while focusing on high quality, steadiness and stability.

Joint and several liability
KommuneKredit’s members are Danish municipalities and regions that have loans, or guarantee or are liable for loans. Members are jointly and severally liable for all of KommuneKredit’s liabilities.

KommuneKredit’s lending is financed by the issue of securities in the Danish and international capital markets.
KommuneKredit is rated by Moody’s Investors Service and Standard and Poor’s. KommuneKredit’s long-term debt is rated Aaa/AA+ and the short-term debt is rated P-1/A-1+.

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