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LK fulfils tougher requirements on the lead contamination of water

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LK fulfils tougher requirements on the lead contamination of water

Boverket, has extended the grace period before which tougher requirements on reducing the lead contamination of water will come into force. This does not affect LK, whose products are tested and already fulfil the tougher requirements.

Following warnings from the EU regarding high levels of lead in children’s blood, Boverket made a general recommendation regarding the level of dissolved lead in tap water in its building regulations. The new, tougher requirement states that the amount of lead dissolved in water should not exceed 5 microgrammes per litre of water. 

Today, the limit is 20 microgrammes. It has been decided that the new requirement will come into force on January 1, 2017.

Transitional period extended
Boverket has been involved in discussions with representatives of VVS-Fabrikanternas Råd, Valves and Fittings of Sweden, Rörgrossistföreningen, and the type approval organisations Kiwa Sweden and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. 

To give the industry time to adapt, Boverket has extended the transition al period by six months, to July 1, 2017.

The type approval organisations have, through a joint interpretation of the new regulations, also agreed on limits for lead contamination from other brass components, such as valves and couplings, which are used in tap water systems.

LK’s products fulfil the requirements
We have already had our products tested against the new, tougher requirements, and all components that come into contact with water in our product range have been approved.

Nordic collaboration
Boverket is currently working with, among others, the Swedish National Food Agency and the Swedish Chemicals Agency as part of a Nordic collaboration that investigates materials that come into contact with drinking water. LK is a participant in this collaboration. 

Denmark has also delayed the corresponding Danish regulations for lead dissolved in tap water. Boverket’s ambition is to coordinate Swedish and Danish regulations in this area.

Boverket’s building regulations
Boverket’s building regulations (BBR) apply both when erecting a new building and making changes to an existing one. They contain mandatory provisions and general recommendations regardingaccessibility, dwelling design, room height, utility rooms, safetyin case of fire, hygiene, health and environment, protection against noise, safety in use, and energy management.

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