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LK Armatur is extending its range of LK 551 HydroMix – now with a higher Kvs value

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LK Armatur is extending its range of LK 551 HydroMix – now with a higher Kvs value

LK is launching a new series of its LK 551 HydroMix mixing valve for water heating and heating systems. The new series offers greater flow capacity than previous models.

This mixing valve provides comfort and safety in one, with an anti-scald function that shuts off the incoming hot water flow in the event that the cold water supply fails and a thermostatic element that regulates the supply of cold and hot water in order to achieve the desired temperature. The valve’s protective cover prevents unintentional changes to temperature settings.

LK Armatur will be officially launching the new mixing valve at the Progetto Fuoco trade fair in Verona from 19-22 February.

“Although the LK 551 HydroMix is already part of our product portfolio, this new higher Kvs value means that we can offer a wider and more complete range,” says Lars Adolfsson, product manager at LK Armatur.

In the near future the range will also be expanded with a symmetrical mixing valve, the LK552 HydroMix.

Technical data

Operating temp. Min. 10 °C/Max. 35 °C (Working temp. Min. 5 °C/Max. 65 °C)

Min. 25 °C/Max. 45 °C (Working temp. Min. 5 °C/Max. 95 °C)
  Min. 35 °C/Max. 55 °C (Working temp. Min. 5 °C/Max. 95 °C)
  Min. 35 °C/Max. 65 °C (Working temp. Min. 5 °C/Max. 95 °C)
Max. working pressure  1,0 MPa (10 bar)
Media 1  Water - Ethylene glycol mixture max. 50%
Media 2  Water- Propylene glycol mixture max. 50%
Media 3  Water - Ethanol mixturemax. 50%
Thread standard  Rp - female thread
   G - male thread
Material, valve body  DZR Brass EN 12165 CW625N
   Brass EN 12165 CW617N
Temperature stability
±3 °C

For more information, please contact:
Lars Adolfsson, Product Manager LK Armatur
+46 42 16 92 89

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