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LK issues its annual Sustainability Report

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LK issues its annual Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report attempts to provide a comprehensive view of our sustainability management, our goals and how we are going about achieving them. We hope this report will increase knowledge and provide inspiration for further sustainability initiatives, both in-house and externally.

LK has chosen to report on sustainability at group level, despite the fact that only one subsidiary is subject to legal requirements to do so. Together, we can develop the business so that both interim goals and overall goals can be attained more effectively.

We have been delivering market-leading smart products and system solutions to the Swedish HVAC market since 1910, both in terms of safety and quality. We have a strong focus on sustainability, including environmental certification that reinforces our continuous improvement.

- This Sustainability Report will help us to ask questions and take action. It highlights the things we do well, as well as areas where there is room for improvement. We work every day to increase sustainability for our customers, ourselves and the world around us. “Our customers can rest assured that our products and organisation ensure sustainability at all stages, from inquiries to tendering, order confirmation, manufacture, delivery and aftermarket,” write the LK Management Group.

The Sustainability Report is divided into three sections; respect for human rights and combating corruption, environmental sustainability, and corporate social responsibility and staff.

- In order to create the best possible conditions for our environmental management, our work environment must provide the preconditions for personal development and be characterised by job satisfaction, trust, learning and listening to one another. We create dedication and motivation by including employees in decision-making and allowing them to participate in developing our processes. It is our ambition to have an empowering work culture in which we are comfortable asking questions and proposing alternative solutions. “At LK, our most important resource is our staff and with their help we will continue to be successful for many years to come,” state the LK Management Group in conclusion. 

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Simpler. Smarter. More sustainable. At LK, we believe there’s a better way to do everything. That’s why – from water, heating and hydronic solutions to pipe extrusion – we push for innovation over status quo and simplicity over complexity.It’s a belief all of us at LK apply to every product and solution we create.

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