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​M – Volvo Car Mobility launches digital key sharing

Stockholm, Aug 13, 2020; M – Volvo Car Mobility is the first car sharing provider in Sweden to launch digital key sharing, a new product feature allowing customers to split driving duties or give someone else access to the car in just a few taps within the app.

M is providing a smarter way for individuals and businesses to have a car in Sweden's largest cities. A digital-first service, customers handle everything in the app––from reserving and unlocking the car to payment and chatting with customer care. The digital key has been with M from the beginning, but thanks to its new feature, digital key sharing, customers can now give someone else access to the car from wherever they are.

When it comes to developing these kinds of product features, close attention to user behavior and customer feedback is critical:

– We ask for feedback after each completed journey. Remaining in close dialogue with our customers and continually evaluating their needs helps us prioritize and act fast. Digital key sharing has been one of those eagerly-awaited features that customers have been asking for, says Anders Erlandsson, CMO for Volvo Car Mobility Sweden.

Giving someone else access to the car is particularly helpful for longer trips when customers may want to split driving duties or participate in activities separately:

– It feels great that we could launch digital key sharing just in time for the longer trips taking place during the summer and the holiday season. Maybe your partner wants to head off on an errand, or a friend needs to grab something from the luggage in the trunk. Now you can make that happen straight from the app, wherever you are, says Anders Erlandsson.

How it works
A customer can share their digital key as soon as their trip begins, straight from the reservation details in the app. All they need to do is choose how they want to share the link (e.g., SMS, Whatsapp, email). To accept, the person receiving the link also needs to have the M app and an account. Once accepted, they can access both the key and relevant reservation details from their app. It's possible to share the key with one person at a time and return the key at any point during a reservation.

Here is a short video showing how Digital Key Sharing feature works.


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