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Volvo Car Mobility’s car sharing service M goes electric in 2022

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Volvo Car Mobility’s car sharing service M goes electric in 2022

Volvo Car Mobility’s car sharing service M is taking a progressive step towards a sustainable future by only offering full electric and hybrids in its fleet from 2022.

“We believe that sharing electric cars will be one of the master keys to unlocking sustainable urban mobility. Our decision to rapidly phase out combustion engine vehicles and grow our share of electric cars in our fleet from the current from 30 per cent to 100 per cent, is also in line with our vision to support a conscious way of using cars”, says Erik Jivmark, CEO of Volvo Car Mobility.

M has developed a smart and intuitive tech platform, which sets a new standard for shared mobility by capturing customer behaviours and allocating cars based on data-driven decisions.

In the spring of 2022, M will have completed its transition to an electrified fleet, offering shared access to plug-in hybrids and full-electric cars throughout its service. By going electric, M offers its customers a clear-cut sustainable option.

“Through shared access to electric cars, our customers contribute to reduced CO2 emissions while bringing down the number of vehicles on the streets. Customers don’t have to invest in a car of their own and according to a recent report from CapGemini Invent, one of our vehicles replaces eight individually owned cars,” explains Steinar Danielsen, Sustainability Lead at Volvo Car Mobility.

People living in inner cities and renting their parking spot, often mention lack of charging infrastructure as a major obstacle for making the transition to electric cars. By providing new electric cars via stations that are open to all customers, M is making the electrification transition easier.

To explore what it takes to go electric and continue to deliver a convenient customer experience, the company has been rolling out a pilot with fully electric vehicles in Stockholm.

“We know that our customers are eager to make the shift to electric driving, but we need to improve today's charging infrastructure”, says Steinar Danielsen. “This is where authorities, city developers and companies like M must collaborate to create a favourable infrastructure for speeding up the transition towards shared electrified mobility.”

Steinar Danielsen concludes: “Many urbanites are passionate about exploring new mobility dimensions, and M wants to enable a more sustainable future where more cars are shared. Offering an electric fleet brings us one step closer to that goal.”



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M is a smarter way to have a car. An app built on intelligent technology, so it is easier than ever to get access to the car you need, whenever you need it. By creating an experience that's smoother than rental and smarter than ownership, M is on a mission to inspire a new and conscious approach to car usage in cities. The service is currently available for personal and professional use across Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, and Uppsala.

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