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Camilla Myhre Sandberg, CEO at Miris was featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland ®
Camilla Myhre Sandberg, CEO at Miris was featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland ®

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MedTech company Miris On Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Miris’ has developed the Human Milk Analyzer™ to improve global neonatal health. Miris CEO Camilla Myhre Sandberg, was exclusively interviewed by Kathy Ireland on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland. The show will be aired globally Bloomberg International on May 18 and 19.

Kathy Ireland met with Miris’ CEO, Camilla Myhre Sandberg, and discussed how Miris are enabling clinicians to give preterm babies the best possible start, by supporting growth and reducing potential health issues later in life. One important key success factor is individualized nutrition. Miris HMA™ measure the macronutrient composition of human milk to enable individual nutrition for preterm babies. In this way each preterm baby is given tailored nutrition, using target fortification of human milk.

- I really enjoyed speaking with Kathy about how analysing the macronutrient content in breastmilk can enable caregivers to target the fortification of the milk for each preemie to ensure they receive the nutritional content they need," says Camilla Myhre Sandberg. “There is no doubt that healthcare professionals in Sweden and in the U.S. agree that breastmilk is the best nutrition for preterm babies,” says Camilla. “Now that Miris HMA™ is cleared by FDA, US healthcare professionals can introduce targeted fortification by analysing the milk and add the right amount of protein and energy as needed for each premature baby. This is something which has been standard of care in Sweden for more than 10 years, says Camilla.

For more information about Miris, visit mirissolutions.com or follow Miris on Facebook, Miris on Twitter, or visit Miris on LinkedIn. Tune in to Bloomberg International on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 7:30pm GMT and Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 10:30am D.F. and 3:00pm HKT.

For more information: Camilla Myhre Sandberg, VD Miris Holding AB Cell phone: +46 18-14 69 07, email: camilla.sandberg@mirissolutions.com

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About Miris

Miris is a global MedTech company who develops and sells solutions for human milk analysis. The products are used at neonatal intensive care units, milk banks and research centers worldwide. The purpose is to enable clinicians to practice individualized nutrition of breast milk using target fortification, thus giving preterm babies the best possible start in life. The Human Milk Analyzer™ (HMA) has been tested and approved in December 2018 by the FDA for the U.S. market. Miris mission is to make individualized nutrition, based on breast milk, available globally to improve neonatal health.

Välkommen till Miris !

Miris is a Swedish MedTech company developing and selling instrument and solutions for human milk analysis. The company was established in 2001 focusing on the application of analysing dairy milk. In 2006 Miris launched it's first instrumnet for human milk analysis as the field of individual nutrition of preterm babies became a standard in the neonatal intensive care units in Sweden. Since then, the company has built unique compentence and expertise in this field. We market and distribute the product portfolio for Miris HMA - Human Milk Analyzer (HMA) containing a complete set of services and consumables. HMA has a FDA approval label and measures energy, fat, carbohydrates and protein content in human milk within minutes using a small sample volume.

The HMA is used both for clinically and for research to analyse human milk, enabeling individual nutrition of preterm babies. Miris have world-wide representation and today, HMA together with the Miris Ultrasonic Processor and Miris Heater for sample preparation, is sold in more than 25 countries.

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