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Lars Christian Bacher

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Lars Christian Bacher

Chief Excecutive Officer
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Naja Boone

Naja Boone

Press contact Director of Marketing & Communications

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Morrow Batteries’ Industrial Update May 2024: Press Release and Webcast Invitation

Morrow Batteries’ Industrial Update May 2024: Press Release and Webcast Invitation

Europe's largest LFP factory set to commence production in Q3 2024
Morrow Batteries ASA (“Morrow”) will commence mass production at Europe’s first gigawatt-scale factory for LFP batteries in 2024. In 2024, Morrow has reached significant milestones in technology, market, organisation and financing.
The company will present an Industrial Update at a webcast on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

I tillegg til standardiserte UL9540 A og UN38.3, har LFP B-prøvene produsert av Morrow bestått IEC 62660-2, IEC 62619 og nylig den strengere IEC 62660-3-samsvarstesten. Lær mer om IEC-standarder.

Morrow Batteries sender sertifiserte LFP batterier til kunder, og tar enda et viktig skritt mot fullskala produksjon i 2024

Morrow Batteries ASA («Morrow»), et industrielt batteriteknologiselskap, har produsert og sertifisert LFP battericeller som nå sendes til potensielle kunder for videre validering.
"Dette er en betydelig operasjonell og teknologisk milepæl for Morrow Batteries. Våre LFP B-prøver viser utmerkede kvalitets- og sikkerhetsegenskaper. Å fullføre flere, internasjonale kvali

Morrow Batteries raises up to EUR 70 million in new capital from its owners

Morrow Batteries raises up to EUR 70 million in new capital from its owners

Morrow Batteries ASA ("Morrow") is raising up to EUR 70 million (approximately NOK 800 million) through a private placement guaranteed by the company's largest owners. The raise in two tranches provides the company with capital to continue its development of next-generation sustainable batteries and brings Morrow closer to commercial production. The company's extraordinary general meeting on Septe

In addition to the standardised UL9540 A and UN38.3, the LFP B-samples made by Morrow have passed IEC 62660-2, IEC 62619 and recently, the more stringent IEC 62660-3 compliance test.

Morrow Batteries sends certified LFP B-sample batteries to customers, taking yet another step towards GWh scale production

Morrow Batteries ASA («Morrow»), the industrial battery technology company, has produced and certified LFP B-sample batteries that are now ready for shipment to potential customers for further validation.
“We are pleased to reach this significant operational and technological milestone. Completing multiple international acceptance tests with strong results brings us to th

The Morrow CQL in Chungju-si, Korea

Morrow Batteries achieves yield of 86 per cent from Customer Qualification Line in Korea in four months

Morrow Batteries ASA (Morrow) is announcing it has achieved stable production of battery cells at its Customer Qualification Line (CQL) in South Korea with a yield of 86 per cent. According to industry standards, the average yield is at 70% yield in the beginning, then moves up to 88-92% in the first two years of production. "Achieving 86% in four months suggests high efficiency and effectiveness

Speeding up the energy transition with cost-effective and sustainable batteries.

Follow our journey at and @MorrowBatteries on LinkedIn.

Morrow Batteries