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Female Developers in iGaming in Malta

The workforce in the gaming industry is generally somewhat evenly distributed between males and females. This is due to the multitude of jobs and fields that are required to manage an online casino or an affiliate network. However, in STEM fields, such as programming and designing, the distribution is strongly uneven.

The fact that there are comparatively few women working as developers, programmers, and game designers is widely established and proven by statistics. 11% of game designers and only 3% of programmers are women according to the International Game Developers Association.

Perhaps this divide is due to natural, biological, differences between men and women. Perhaps it is a social issue. What is sure is that gaming companies could do more to reach out to females to encourage them to pursue a well-paying career.

CashMagnet Ltd has taken a pledge of working towards promoting women in Gaming. We are looking in the universities for the latest up-and-coming developers with innovative ideas. Their aspirations reach even further than so: “This is a very old issue, and it’s something we’d like to better by reaching out to the University of Malta. The hope to be able to affect the course syllabus to prepare the students for a career in gaming development and/or design.”

The company is also considering offering work-place experience so that high schoolers can get a feel for what it is like working in iGaming, and perhaps plant a seed before they reach University. We’ll keep our followers up-to-date and will post updates as the plan unfolds.


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