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Kenny K. Low Release First Single "Hello" From upcoming Album

Kenny K. Low Release First Single "Hello" From upcoming Album

The single is a cover of the classic song by 
Lionel Richie and is released the 25th of January on all streaming platforms and also followed by a Video. (Released on The Talking Fern Records)

The track is the opening track of Kenny K. Low´s upcoming Cover album titled '
When Love Remembers'.

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Kenny K. Low is Malaysian-born, US-raised, and currently calls Singapore home. Professionally, he’s a card-carrying member of the corporate execs club, spending his days focused on the development, investment, and financing of global infrastructure projects. It’s this success in the corporate world that helped him reconnect with his true passion: singing.

Ever since his childhood days performing in church and school concerts, Kenny felt profoundly connected to the musical arts. From the legendary voices of the 80s (Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers), to industry leaders of the early 2000s like Michael Bublé, he draws inspiration from the rich sound and emotion of ballads and love songs. These artists were instrumental in shaping his personal singing style.

Unfortunately, in early adulthood Kenny discovered how difficult it is to balance a bustling professional life while moonlighting as a performer. His singing had to take a backseat during the formative years of his career. Though he’d never really considered a life as a professional singer, he still felt a twinge of jealousy watching several friends attain musical fame.

Ironically, it was this same corporate gig that reignited his singing aspirations. The mid-2000s found Kenny entertaining business associates in karaoke lounges around the world. Beneath the spotlight on those stages around the world, he felt truly alive. He soon developed a repertoire of songs that had folks telling him he could have pursued a second career as a singer.

Still, it took another decade of honing his skills to take the leap and sign on with TTF Records. Together, they’re producing a record of cover ballads and love songs spanning the 1970s to the end of this ‘20s decade. Through this mix of covers and original songs, Kenny hopes to pay homage to the legends who helped shape him and leave his mark on the industry that he loves. He wants to inspire his own children to pursue their dreams, no matter how difficult or impossible they may seem, because he’s finally learned that happiness is more important than wealth and prestige. As the cliché goes, better late than never, and to quote author Tom Butler-Bowdon, it’s “Never Too Late to Be Great.”


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