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New MUNCH in Bjørvika Oslo. Photo by Adria Goula
New MUNCH in Bjørvika Oslo. Photo by Adria Goula

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This is the new MUNCH

Edvard Munch is a pioneer of modern art and the creator of the iconic The Scream. Summer 2021, a brand new museum opens by Oslo’s waterfront, tailor-made for the worlds largest collection of art by Munch. MUNCH will be one of the world’s largest museums dedicated to a single artist and will be the number one destination for experiencing Edvard Munch’s life and art.

The new MUNCH by Oslo´s waterfront will be a meeting place for everyone for all types of cultural occasions. MUNCH wants to broaden the idea about what a museum is, and provide opportunities for completely new experiences and perspectives. But most importantly, you will get more Edvard Munch than ever before.

- Visitors to the new museum will always be able to experience the highlights of Edvard Munch’s artistic career, alongside changing exhibitions of works by other artists, says director at MUNCH Stein Olav Henrichsen.

Henrichsen is focused on the importance of the collection for our cultural heritage, not only in Norway, but globally.

- At Bjørvika we will be able truly to exploit the potential of our collection, and partnerships with other museums will enable us to bring works to Norway that have never been shown here before, says Henrichsen.

The brand new, highly distinctive museum building has been designed by Estudio Herreros. It has been specifically designed for major art experiences and is a highly prestigious project for the City of Oslo. Read more about the architects vision here:


With 11 galleries, MUNCH offers a range of approaches to Edvard Munch’s art and life, as well as works by other Modernist and contemporary artists in dialogue with Munch. MUNCH's permanent displays are drawn from the collection, and for the first time these works will really have the space they deserve. Edvard Munch's monumental works, the largest paintings he ever created, can be experienced in a specially designed double-height gallery.

MUNCH will also feature works by young contemporary artists, and will curate programmes of temporary exhibitions that will reflect the artistic practices of both well-established names and exciting newcomers. Each winner of the Edvard Munch Art Award will have a solo exhibition. The first artist to exhibit as part of EMAA (The Edvard Munch Art Award) will be announced in January 2022. Thereafter we will have previous winners like Camille Henrot (to exhibit later in 2022), Laurence Abdu Hamdam (winner 2019) and Kerstin Brätsch (winner 2017). 

Read more about EMAA here:

At MUNCH, you will always find something new. 


  • One of the world's largest museums dedicated to one artist.
  • 11 exhibition halls
  • The museum's collection consists of more than 42 000 works of art and objects that are being moved from the old to the new museum building
  • Over 220 Munch works will be on display at the opening 2020
  • Gross area: 26 313 m2
  • The building was designed by the Spanish architectural firm Estudio Herreros.
  • The museum is one of 50 role models in the Future Built program, the Oslo region's prestigious program consisting of buildings of high architectural quality and a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in transport, energy use and material use compared to similar buildings.


  • 2008: Resolution passed by Oslo City Council to build Munchmuseet in Bjørvika
  • 2009: Estudio Herreros’ design ‘Lambda’ wins the architectural competition
  • 2010: Munchmuseet becomes an autonomous municipal agency, incorporating the former Stenersen Museum
  • 2011: The building project is discontinued
  • 2014: Resolution passed by Oslo City Council to construct ‘Lambda’
  • 2016: Laying of the building’s foundation stone
  • 2019: The building’s façade is completed
  • 2021: Opening


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