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Integrity Defender's CEO Eve Mc Cormick understands the need for online reputation management

"We now have a whole generation of people growing up who think it is ok to say whatever they want to whoever they want, whenever they want," said Eve McCormick CEO of Integrity Defender.

In the business world, reputation is paramount. How the public perceives a company will determine how well it succeeds. Several factors can affect a company's reputation, including false, erroneous or misleading search engine results, inaccurate reporting, dissatisfied employees or customers, outdated information and more. These factors can be difficult to control and not always within someone's power.

Messages can spread incredibly fast, and somewhere along the way they seem to become accepted fact. Soon, what started as a rumor becomes truth, and what started as a blatant lie becomes common knowledge.

"The ability to use technology to your advantage and harness the energy to be in front of the curve so that you are proactive and not reactive is crucial," said McCormick.


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As a leader in Personal Online Reputation Management, Integrity Defender creates, manages, and promotes positive search engine results for their customers. Integrity Defender's innovative approach to online reputation management delivers unparalleled results within the ORM industry.