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Mary DeFeudis of WWT discusses internet marketing to brand and promote business

In today's ever expanding online world, businesses are relying heavily on Internet marketing to boost website traffic, increase online product sales, and establish brand reputation.

Internet Marketing is the best way to brand or promote products or services. It helpsĀ  to make a strong impact on Internet. Not only it has more reach across the various sections but is also very cost effective program. Advantages of web marketing have made this acceptable for all businesses that are looking to have some online influence.

A small business can excel in the new environment by embracing email marketing and social media as a holistic ecosystem. Anyone who treats these as wholly discrete, non-integrating tools is missing the blue sky.

Social Media MarketingĀ  Blogging, bookmarking websites, Video Submission, article submission, press releases and more utilization of social networks. This is the best way to get publicity from social media sites and get supplementary traffic apart from from search engine. Social media helps to expand the reach of e-mail content and increases brand awareness. Additionally, these tools, taken together, equal a powerful approach to marketing for small businesses.


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About Women Walking Tall
Mary DeFeudis has supported thousands of women in making their dreams come true. She is the President of Women Walking Tall in Portland,OR, her own PR & brand consultancy agency. She has been the instrument that helped catapult her brands presence from 25 markets to 44 markets in the US & Canada. WWT"s new social media and online marketing solutions offer 20 years of combined strategic experience in marketing and advertising. Mary has been featured in various media channels for her expertise in business and entrepreneurship. Defeudis has been published and quoted for her keen insights on cultural and consumer trends. DeFeudis graduated from Columbia University.