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Mary DeFeudis of WWT emphasizes the importance of the female brand

Personal branding is not a new concept, but the Internet has changed the landscape. For women in particular, perhaps the web and social media in general have leveled the playing field. The female brand in particular, is getting a jolt from the increase in women owned businesses. Women have been running businesses in great numbers since the 1970’s,  but they are branding themselves more confidently now, as they support one another in partnerships, thus enhancing their own brands.

“Women tend to be personality driven and appeal to the personal part of their audience,” says Mary DeFeudis, President of WWT. "Women are taking their personal stories to the internet generating more interaction."

Women have the social gene and an innate ability to build relationships and connect with people and are natural born networkers, team builders and relationship maven and tend to work together collaboratively, empowering different members of the team to contribute and accomplish tasks. So rather than seek power over others, the female leadership style seeks to empower others.

"Knowing how to communicate with women is no longer a competitive edge-it is mandatory," added DeFeudis.


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About Women Walking Tall
Mary DeFeudis has supported thousands of women in making their dreams come true. She is the President of Women Walking Tall in Portland,OR, her own PR & brand consultancy agency. She has been the instrument that helped catapult her brands presence from 25 markets to 44 markets in the US & Canada. WWT"s new social media and online marketing solutions offer 20 years of combined strategic experience in marketing and advertising. Mary has been featured in various media channels for her expertise in business and entrepreneurship. Defeudis has been published and quoted for her keen insights on cultural and consumer trends. DeFeudis graduated from Columbia University.