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Mary DeFeudis of WWT the effects of new technology on business branding

New technologies have allowed us to go beyond mass production and to mass customize brands. It's a fact that how a company is perceived is important toward business success. The world of marketing has evolved, and today the companies that supply marketing communications and brand strategy are very different.Today, brand strategy requires a fundamental knowledge of business operations, finances, employees and internal culture

Every brand should have both strategic and executional equities.  Strategic equities include brand benefits and reasons to believe, while executional equities are the distinctive executional assets the brand wants to own. Once defined, brands should work to build strategic and executional equities into distinctive assets that distinguish the brand from competition through repetition and variation.  Repetition is important because it makes your brand more familiar and, as cognitive fluency learning shows, more familiar equals easier.

To some small degree, with the pervasiveness of the Internet, all brands that are in cyberspace have the potential to become global brands, however being on the Internet does not guarantee top-of-mind awareness or distribution ease. A comprehensive, well-funded and well-executed global marketing plan is required for successful global brands.


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About Women Walking Tall
Mary DeFeudis has supported thousands of women in making their dreams come true. She is the President of Women Walking Tall in Portland,OR, her own PR & brand consultancy agency. She has been the instrument that helped catapult her brands presence from 25 markets to 44 markets in the US & Canada. WWT's new social media and online marketing solutions offer 20 years of combined strategic experience in marketing and advertising. Mary has been featured in various media channels for her expertise in business and entrepreneurship. Defeudis has been published and quoted for her keen insights on cultural and consumer trends. DeFeudis graduated from Columbia University.