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Peter Cennamo leads the way in promoting renewable energy sources

Biomass resources like stalks from food crops, wood material and grasses also can be turned into ethanol or gasoline that can power motor vehicles.

Certainly, the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries are vast and diverse, touching upon every sector imaginable: Construction, manufacturing, project management, sales, design, agriculture and information technology.

Fuels from waste and biologically regenerating raw materials represent an increasing alternative to the mineral oil production for the decentralized energy-technical future. These hydrocarbon materials are contended in raw biological materials, like wood and plants, but also in the waste products of our civilization, like animal and plant wastes. Waste oils and other organic residual substances can be converted with high efficiency to a valuable material in the form of fuel (diesel).


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Trumatech is a developer and marketer of high quality energy efficient environmental technology, from energy management controls for freeze protection and temperature management applications to pressurization systems for satellite and microwave transmission lines. The alternative energy methods of production include waste to energy, farming of green algae and bio-mass and bio-fuels production. Trumatech has over 15 years of experience.Trumatech is located in Houston, Texas.