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Celebrating Apprenticeships - Busting the Myths

This week is National Apprenticeship Week in the UK and we’re shining a light on the fantastic apprentices we have here at NCC Group and the opportunities that we can offer through the apprenticeship scheme.

Over the last three years the way apprenticeships work has changed dramatically, so to start off, our Global Head of Learning and Development, Libby Milsom wants to dispel some of the myths that may still surround apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are only offered for basic roles

Traditionally, apprenticeships were only offered to Level 4, which is below degree standard, and while there are still lots of those types of apprenticeships offered as a fantastic starting point, there are now also opportunities to do Degree and Masters level apprenticeships. Go to the Government website and have a look at the options, you might be surprised!

Apprenticeships aren’t relevant to working life

All the new apprenticeship standards have been developed and signed off by businesses, so they are relevant and up to date. You can see which businesses have been involved when you look at the standard. They focus on the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need as well as any qualification, so are an excellent insight into what today’s businesses are looking for.

I’m too old to do an apprenticeship

There is no age restriction to do an apprenticeship. Some of the Masters level qualifications for instance are ideal for people at different points in their working life.

Apprenticeships are an easy option

Doing apprenticeships do take a lot of time and effort but the new standards are great and will give you lots of transferable skills. You do need to be honest with yourself as to whether you can fit it around your life. More than likely there is going to be work in the evenings and weekends so this may not work for everyone or at all stages of life.

Modern apprenticeships are a great way to develop people at the start of their careers but can also be an incredible opportunity to learn and develop at different points in your career that you hadn’t previously thought of.

This week our apprentices have the spotlight and will be chatting about their roles and how they started on their apprenticeship journey. Business as usual at NCC group, we'll focus on answering the questions of our colleagues, and guiding them through their apprenticeship journey. 

We hope this week inspires you.   



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