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Shutterstock: Royalty-free stock vector ID: 1324095575. IoT Connected

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NCC Group honored to work with ioXt Alliance as it expands certification program for mobile and VPN security

The ioXt Alliance, the global standard for IoT security, is expanding its ioXt compliance program to mobile applications to bring transparency and visibility to consumer and enterprise buyers and advance security in the IoT industry.

As one of the Alliance’s Authorized Labs, we already provide third-party validation and testing of relevant products for all existing profiles including Base, Android, and Smart Speaker certification programs, ensuring adherence to its recommended security practices.

Under the new mobile app program, we will continue to deliver assessments against the new ioXt Mobile Application Profile, helping users to avoid risks and enjoy greater trust, transparency and security.

Joel Scambray, Global Head of Data & Application Security Services at NCC Group, comments: “NCC Group is honored to have qualified as an Authorized Lab for the new ioXt Mobile App Profile. The ioXt Alliance and its Members devoted significant effort to collaboratively develop a global standard for mobile application security, with input from top experts and aligned with existing standards like OWASP MASVS.

“The resulting Profile includes a relevant, actionable, and easily-understandable set of test cases for both app developers and their end users, based on more than twenty full assessments that we’ve performed during its development. We look forward to performing more assessments and continuing to assist ioXt’s mission to set baseline security requirements for a safer and more secure IoT world.”

You can find out more and read the ioXt Alliance press release in full here


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