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NEVS take actions to minimize the corona outbreak impact

News   •   Apr 03, 2020 12:33 UTC

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a financial impact on NEVS, our suppliers and our owner. To protect our employees and our long-term operation under this tough period, NEVS is now preparing for short-term layoffs.

The short-term layoff period at NEVS will be from April 14 – June 30. Around 400 of our employees will be affected. Depending on the work demand, they will be working 40% or 60%.

Since earlier this month, a series of cost reduction measures have been taken, such as reduction of consultants and postpone some of the business activities.

“Doing our best to take care of our staffs is our top priority. I believe the cost reduction measures we are taking now will help us minimize the impact by the corona pandemic, preparing ourselves to get back to track as soon as possible,” says NEVS CEO, Stefan Tilk.