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The last Saab ever sold for 465,000 SEK

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The last Saab ever sold for 465,000 SEK

The very last Saab from Stallbacka has been sold for 465,000 SEK. On Wednesday, at 10:00, the Bilweb auction ended with many bids during the last few minutes.

This means, among other things, that the NEVS sustainability award together with the University of the West will be financed for the next five years.

“465,000 SEK was a good price for the car. It is unused and in new condition, of course. Congratulations go to the buyer on this historic reproduction, ”says Peter Sundfeldt at Bilweb Auctions.

"In addition, it feels really good to know that the money from this last petrol car from Stallbacka is now going to stimulate work towards a sustainable society with forward-thinking mobility solutions," comments Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS.

The buyer, Claus Spaangaard from Denmark, will now visit Trollhättan and NEVS to pick up the car and at the same time get an exclusive company presentation inside NEVS.

“I already have two Saab cars and I thought I should just buy this one too. It's the very last Saab, after all”, Claus comments.

Claus owns a company in Hadsund in eastern Jutland, a tire and car repair shop.

“Right now, we are very busy helping people change to winter tires, so we'll see when I have the time to come to Trollhättan and pick up the car,” says Claus, happy to be the one who placed the highest bid on the very last Saab from Stallbacka.

(More information regarding this subject can be found in earlier releases. Here, you can also find photos showing the car):


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