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Victor Ventures Announces The Launch Of A New Website

The Netherlands - 4 Dec 2010 - Individuals suffering from seasonal affective disorder would be interested in knowing the importance of choosing the right SAD light. This is the most important part of their therapy. Merely selecting and buying a product is not enough, but reading sad lights reviews and finding out how sad lights works is important.

It is now possible with which is an online portal created by Robert van Soolingen who is an avid sad light user. From this website user can get a clear picture on the different kinds of sad lights that are available in the market. When choosing sad lights few factors must be taken into account. The main factor would be the lux amount of the light.

It usually ranges from 2,500 to 10,000 in the market and the higher the lux, the better the light for those who are suffering from SAD. Next factor would be the price, sad lights usually ranges from hundred to four hundred dollars. This depends on lux and the additional features.

The best SAD light brands are the Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light and the Verilux model. Individuals must consider these factors before they purchase and make sure that their concerns are satisfied. It is important that a product responds to both these needs results to the best sad lights available for purchase.


Sad Lights Reviews is an online portal that contains reviews and ratings on sad lights which have been used from real consumers based on Amazon's product website. The website was the idea of Robert van Soolingen who needed honest and reliable sad light reviews. This website would be ideal for those individuals who are suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

If you are a person who is suffering from SAD, then you would appreciate this website. It has both the negatives and positives of using a sad light. Although sad lights lift up your energy levels and get rid of depression, there are some negatives on using sad lights. Taking the right precautions can help those suffering from SAD use sad lights the effective way.

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