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Lasse Lanng Pedersen and Martin Vang Jeppesen teach Facility Management to students using the HoloLens
Lasse Lanng Pedersen and Martin Vang Jeppesen teach Facility Management to students using the HoloLens

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NNIT colleagues make their mark on Danish education

Meet Lasse Lanng Pedersen and Martin Vang Jeppesen who on a daily basis make the NNIT wheels spin at our datacenter in Bagsværd, Denmark. After office hours, they spend time sharing their expert knowledge with the future datacenter specialists of Denmark by teaching at Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management.

They started their careers in NNIT as students during their education, BA in Technology Management and Marine Engineering, and today they contribute to the education by teaching the subject Facility Management.

”Since we started teaching in the fall 2018 we have had around 100 students through our program. This is important to us, because if the industry does not help the educational institutions, how can the industry expect the new graduates to be up-to-date on the new technologies?,” says Martin Vang Jeppesen, Advanced Operation Specialist in NNIT.

Before COVID-19, Lasse and Martin would do one lecture of 2-3 hours at Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management (MSK) each semester, followed by a visit to the NNIT datacenter at Bagsværd to put theory into practice with the students. However, due to COVID-19, Lasse and Martin have had to rethink their ways of teaching:

”We have, like many other people, experienced the implications of COVID-19 on the quality of the education that we want to provide since we could no longer invite the students to physically visit NNIT. But we have managed to utilize NNIT’s technological knowhow to make use of an alternative that works well,” says Lasse Lanng Pedersen, Advanced Operation Specialist in NNIT.

”By using HoloLens we could make sure that our theoretical presentations could be followed by on-site demonstrations, without the students having to show up at the datacenter like we used to before COVID-19. This also had the advantage that the presentation of our datacenter was now more accessible for all – eliminating the otherwise disturbing noises from the facility and from showing around a group of 10-15 people at a time,” says Martin Vang Jeppesen.

NNIT is committed to contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 4 about Quality Education. Lasse and Martin can definitely take pride in getting us closer to reaching that goal.

Lasse and Martin giving a virtual tour around our datacenter in Bagsværd.

Lasse and Martin using the HoloLens for remote education.

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