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NNIT launches Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution

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NNIT launches Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution

The NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud bridges the advantages of public and private clouds with enterprise level system management – providing customers a high-quality experience regardless of the underlying platform.

NNIT, a leading provider of IT services and consultancy today announced the launch of an enterprise hybrid cloud solution. The enterprise solution delivers controlled IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service). It enables customers to manage cloud resources directly from a portal, as well as the ability to turn capacity up or down according to current needs.

The enterprise hybrid cloud further provides enterprise level policies, monitoring, incident management and everything else that customers need to operate a professional enterprise infrastructure – regardless of the underlying platform.

The enterprise hybrid cloud combines the best of the cloud by integrating the public cloud with the customer’s private IT environments. Hybrid clouds are especially attractive to organizations that want to explore the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud, while keeping the ability to maintain in-house capacity for mission-critical applications.

“The cloud is a mature technology that provides many opportunities,” says Christoffer Mors, cloud expert at NNIT. “Among other things, hybrid cloud computing will enable enterprises to balance cost and requirements, and more efficiently operate daily IT processes and workflows. However, more importantly, the hybrid cloud makes it easier to introduce new functionality quickly and more flexibly,” he adds.

A main concern for most organizations is data integrity and security. However, the hybrid cloud enables businesses to keep sensitive operations in-house, while utilizing the opportunities provided by public cloud. Karsten Fogh Ho-Lanng, chief technology officer at NNIT says: “NNIT has a long-track record of providing value-adding advisory services. Among other things we offer mapping of opportunities and potential risks in order to establish a detailed cloud roadmap for moving customers’ infrastructure and applications into the cloud.”

The NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud compliments the existing NNIT Cloud Enhancement Services addressing public SaaS solutions as well as own SaaS solution for the Life Sciences industry.

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