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GSI sustainability report launched today.

Press release -

GSI sustainability report launched today.

Cermaq, being an active partner in the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), proudly shares the GSI press release on the launch of the sustainability report. The report includes data 14 sustainability metrics across 40% of global farmed salmon industry.

Cermaq engages heavily in the development of the industry in addressing global challenges. We work through three main partnerships;

  • GSI, The Global Salmon Initiative, where the members represent 40% of global salmon production
  • SeaBOS, where we work with the largest seafood companies worldwide based on close cooperation with science institutes to transform the seafood industries
  • The UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Businesses, where we work across ocean industries to determine how they can help advance progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Today, GSI launches its sustainability report, disclosing data across 14 indicators for all members.

WWF International sees GSI as a model that other industries could learn from.

“What makes GSI stand out is that they brought together company CEOs and empowered technical staff to work together and do the hard work of addressing the sector’s critical challenges – feed, welfare and impact. Through information-sharing to find solutions and motivate environmental improvements, they flattened the learning curve for everybody on how to make the industry more sustainable. The model has proven to be successful and deliver results, and now we need other sectors to follow suit.” - Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, Markets & Executive Director, Markets Institute, World Wildlife Fund

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Cermaq is a globally leading salmon company farming salmon in Canada, Chile and Norway. Our commitment to openness and transparency is at the heart of everything we do. It is on this foundation that we build strong partnerships, invest in a sustainable future, and stay conscious of our responsibility to society.

Cermaq is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation with head office in Oslo, Norway.


Lars Galtung

Lars Galtung

Press contact Chief Communication and Sustainability Officer  +4798214812
Lise Bergan

Lise Bergan

Press contact Head of Communication +47 932 51 114
Astrid Vik Aam

Astrid Vik Aam

Press contact Communications Manager +47 924 90 676

Sustainable aquaculture

Cermaq is a world leading producer of sustainable salmon and trout with operations in Chile, Canada and Norway.
Cermaq supplies salmon to customers in more than 70 countries around the world and has annual revenues of around NOK 12 billion. The company has around 2800 employees and is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation with head office in Oslo, Norway.
Cermaq is driving transition of our food system towards healthier and more climate-friendly food. Our approach is transparency, performance, and partnerships, setting ambitious climate goals, innovation for clean farming, and scaling impact and ripple effects through local and global partnerships.

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