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New party app makes it fun and simple to organize events & parties in 3D, with direct Facebook upload.

PartyM8 (mate) interactively helps creative people organize events, parties and other projects in an entertaining and stylish way. It creates user value by combining structured event planning capabilities with entertaining 3D-graphics and intelligent content-based tips, direct Facebook upload & integration included.

Unlike other planning apps and software, PartyM8’s 3D- environment has exciting graphics, music and animations, which otherwise can only be found in high-end computer games.

PartyM8 instinctively guides the user step-by-step through the planning stages, and helps organizing and prioritizing key tasks. Budgets can be set up and graphically allocated to various categories, such as food, beverage and entertainment. PartyM8 will alert the user about budget breaks or missed deadlines. With PartyM8, your event will be a success.

In future versions, PartyM8 can even order taxis, take-away food and provide tips for concerts, events and entertainment in the city you’re in or visiting for the moment.

PartyM8 is the first of the “AppM8s” series of interactive apps for a simpler, smarter and fun way of organizing and planning your private life and career. The next AppM8s releases will be launched in the course of 2011 and 2012, and of course they will all include PartyM8’s innovative features and design.

One of the originators of the idea, David Tivemark, says:

“From my experience both as a sales coach and from hosting large events,
I have learned that the key to reaching great goals and successfully managing projects, is to always keep an overview and execute the right tasks at the right time. For exactly that purpose were PartyM8 and all other AppM8´s created. They make it easy for us to follow through and build excitement.”

Prashant Sharma, one of the founders, says:

“We wanted to deliver a platform worldwide where it’s easy to find local services needed while organizing your event. People in general want the information as fast as possible, and with this organizing tool, I believe we have achieved, just that. By helping people finding the services acquired in a simple way,
we have the means to create a new marketplace for small & large businesses around the world."

PartyM8 is the result of a unique Scandinavian collaboration of companies based in Oslo, Copenhagen and Malmo. These are 7m Consulting, Sharma Consulting, By Glantz and Frost Software. Oslo-based Frost is one of the up-and-coming software developers in Northern Scandinavia, having released several highly rated iPhone and Android games. The three others project members have significant experience with arranging big events, career coaching, education and sales.

We encourage local businesses & distributors to sign up for more information on our website


The current version of PartyM8 is available for iPhone and iPad only, but will soon be available for Android.

See the teaser:


For more info please contact:

Creative Elv8ion                                                Creative Elv8ion
David Tivemark                                                 Prashant Sharma
+46 70 777 66 33                                        +47 46 92 25 58               


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David Tivemark

Pressekontakt Partner, founder +46 707 77 66 33

Prashant Sharma

Pressekontakt partner, Founder +47 46 922 558