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New EMVPs in Geta

Our developers Mattias and Mari are incredibly strong contributors within the Episerver community, and are passionate about sharing their knowledge, something we at Geta are very proud of. This has resulted in both of them achieving this honorable EMVP title.

"Geta's goal is to deliver the highest quality in the market and share our knowledge in the community. That is why the EMVP appointments are very special to us considering that our two talented developers have been recognized for their knowledge sharing and community involvement," says CTO Frederik Vig.

"I'm very honored and proud to receive this award. It has been a milestone in my career and at Geta I was able to make it happen. I'm looking forward to continue sharing my knowledge to all Episerver developers out there", says Mattias Olsson.

"It is a great honor being awarded the EMVP title. I look forward to continue contributing to the Episerver developer community", says Mari Jørgensen.

Worldwide the total number of EMVPs are 33. That means Geta has the most EMVPs of any company in the world with a total of 5!

"Geta is once again proving what a great job they are doing hiring the right experts and encouraging them to participate actively in the Episerver developer community by sharing their expert knowledge, contributing to open source projects andassisting other developers in forums," says Episerver's Allan Thræn.

In addition to Mattias and Mari, our CTO Frederik Vig holds this title as well as our COO Alexander Haneng and team leader Valdis Iljuconoks .

We congratulate Mattias and Mari with their new title!

Geta jobber med rådgivning og utvikling av e-handels- og webløsninger fra a til å.


André Brynildsen

Pressekontakt CEO System architecture, e-commerce advisor, digital strategy, business development (+47) 952 74 411

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