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Green Mountain nominated for DCD Awards 2019 for data center expansion at Rjukan.
Green Mountain nominated for DCD Awards 2019 for data center expansion at Rjukan.

Press release -

Green Mountain on the DCD Awards shortlist 2019

Green Mountain is honoured to be among the finalists on the DCD Awards shortlist in the category Multi Tenant Data Center Design Award 2019. We are shortlisted based on our expansion project at DC2-Telemark, where two new data buildings with a total capacity of 2,75 MW were designed specifically for the Volkswagen Group in order to support their High-Performance Computing operation needs.

The DCD Awards shortlist was announced at the DCD>London conference and expo on Tuesday, November 5, and represent projects from over 20 different countries. The DCD Awards programme recognizes the achievements of all of those who continue to ensure the data centre industry moves forward and meet the ever-growing demands of the digitized world. The independent judges evaluated over 400 entries before finalizing the DCD Awards shortlist.

Construction time of 6 months

Our nominated project runs entirely on renewable hydroelectric power, and the wet and cold climate combined with high-tech cooling solutions, also makes it extremely energy efficient. To meet a strict construction deadline, the data centre was built using prefabricated modules, reducing deployment time by 50% to only 6 months.

The perfect HPC project

In this project we made the most of the benefits of prefabricated modules without compromising customer demands regarding cost, time and sustainability. By having one of the world’s most stable power supplies in our “back-yard” at Rjukan, back-up generators were deemed unnecessary making the data centre truly climate neutral. The use of indirect adiabatic cooling solution also makes it extremely energy-efficient, giving a PUE below 1.1. Our choices regarding design and methodology makes it the perfect HPC project – fulfilling the service level agreement (SLA) without oversizing the design. Managing the right risk level and focusing on costs and carbon footprint - resulting in both a greener and more cost-effective solution.

Proud CEO

“We are extremely proud to be on the DCD Awards shortlist. I am truly satisfied with the efforts of everyone involved in this project – both internal employees and external partners. We believe this project sets an example of the “Norwegian value proposition” that can attract more international clients to Norway.” says Green Mountain CEO, Tor Kristian Gyland.

The winners will be revealed at DCD’s annual Awards Gala in December.

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Green Mountain AS design build and operate high security, robust wholesale colocation data centres.
Green Mountain currently have two data centers in Norway with plans to develop in other regions.
The data centres operate on 100% low cost renewable power and use of free cooling creating unique power efficiency.

The data centre near Stavanger (DC1-Stavanger) is built deep inside a mountain in a former high
security NATO ammunition store.

The data centre in Telemark (DC2-Telemark) is in the ‘cradle of hydro power’ in Norway with multiple local hydro power plants.

The data centre near Oslo (DC3-Oslo) is located in Enebakk, 20 km outside the Norwegian capital. It is currently under construction with estimated completion in September 2020. 

Green Mountain are one of the largest operators in the sector in Norway with clients in finance, IT service providers, Government, Health, O&G and others.

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Mette Berger Gulbrandsen

Mette Berger Gulbrandsen

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Svein Atle Hagaseth

Svein Atle Hagaseth

Press contact Chief Executive Officer + 1 416 518 7105

About Green Mountain

Green Mountain designs, builds and operates highly secure, innovative, and sustainable colocation data centers in Norway. The data centers operate on low cost 100% renewable power and the use of free cooling creates high power efficiency.

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