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Hurtigruten MS Roald Amundsen  - hybrid powered - photo Hurtigruten
Hurtigruten MS Roald Amundsen - hybrid powered - photo Hurtigruten

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MS Roald Amundsen is delivered

-It is with great pleasure that I can report that we have delivered MS Roald Amundsen to Hurtigruten. This is a fantastic ship built by fantastic talented people, says Olav Nakken, CEO of Kleven Verft AS.

MS Roald Amundsen is specially designed for some of the world's most demanding and spectacular waters. The expedition ship is the world's first hybrid-powered cruise ship and accommodates about 500 guests. The ship can run on clean battery power, but the main task of the large battery packs is to reduce fuel consumption. In this way, emissions are at least 20 percent lower than other cruise ships of the same size. In addition, the ship is equipped with an ice-reinforced hull and has several innovations to achieve to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Amazing ship - good challenge
MS Roald Amundsen is the world's first in several areas and has of course been a good challenge for the shipbuilders.

-I am unbelievably impressed with the job that has been done among the employees. To deliver such a complicated product in a demanding period, while we during the same period also delivered a series of anchor handlers to Maersk, is something that everyone who has contributed to can be very proud of. With the interior, the technology and the unique design, MS Roald Amundsen is the most amazing ship that has ever been delivered from a Norwegian shipyard, says Olav Nakken.

Has given Kleven unique expertise
Building the world's most amazing passenger ship, according to Nakken, has been a challenge unlike anything the traditional shipyard has ever been involved in. While the construction process has demanded more time than initially planned, it was important for Kleven Verft to deliver a ship that was finished and of the highest quality. Nakken believes that building MS Roald Amundsen has been a positive experience for Kleven.

-We have acquired a unique expertise here at the yard through this project, which puts us in a completely new position when it comes to building passenger ships, Nakken says, adding that there are several who have good reason to be proud about this job:

- All suppliers, together with employees at the yard and Hurtigruten, has the credit of having built the world's first hybrid-driven expedition ship, a ship unlike anything else that has ever been delivered from a Norwegian shipyard.

The sister ship MS Fridtjof Nansen is also being built at Kleven Verft and will be delivered towards the end of this year. Design of both ships is provided by Kongsberg Maritime AS.

We congratulate Hurtigruten with their new ship and wish luck and happiness for crew and passengers in upcoming expeditions with MS Roald Amundsen!

Download more photos and video from this link, remember to use photo credit: http://bit.ly/msroaldamundsen-battery



Kleven har levert over 100 avanserte fartøy for norske og internasjonale kundar sidan 2005. Etter ei utfordrande periode i kjølvatnet av nedgangen i offshore-sektoren, er verftet no eigd av Hurtigruten, og har for tida eitt hurtigruteskip under bygging. 

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