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Red Bull Romaniacs

The idea behind the Red BullRomaniacs
Interview with Martin "Frejn" Freinademetz, the founder and general manager of the world`s toughest hard Enduro rallye.
What is unique about the RedBull Romaniacs?
In Short: it is one of the last motorbike-adventures for real men: man and machine against terrain & nature; in beautiful, breathtaking surroundings and countryside – challenging enough to attract the world-elite of Extreme-Enduro riding. The track is well-marked and riders have additional GPS support – so finding the check-points is no challenge. The race starts with a Prologue in the beautiful old town of Sibiu – which becomes “Endurado” during the event. 600km of demanding trails promise excitement and a challenge perfectly adapted to the skills of riders in three different classes: Pro, Expert & Hobby.
What were the main influences, how have the Red Bull Romaniacs become what they are today?
The Red Bull Romaniacs is a race from riders for riders. Everyone in the team lovesmotorbikes and is fanatic about the Enduro-sport. Many of us have a history in participating in all kinds of different racing. Each of the different race formats have their highlights – but also many frustrations: Many rallies have long distances of tarmac roads to cover before you even get off-road. Motocross is nice – but you are just driving in circles and the fun is over after 15 minutes. Many extreme off-road events are just a 20km hill-climb. 3-,5- andeven 24hrs Enduro events are quite nice but they often feature too short tracks and end up being dust-battles. By thinking a lot about all this and trying to eliminate all the different frustrations that make a race less attractive for Enduro-riders, we came up with the idea of the perfect race from Enduro riders for Enduro riders in the perfect Enduro Landscape: the Red Bull Romaniacs. Almost 100% off-road, with the beautiful mountains of the Carpathians, rivers to cross, 600km of track – isn`t that exciting? Add the beautiful old town of a city like Sibiu – which is locked down and becomes the center of “Enduro-madness” and fun is guaranteed!
What is the future going to look like?
We will stick with our maximum of 250 riders, to ensure the best possible riding experience. We do not plan to attract the masses to come to Sibiu, neither in riders nor in spectators. But we plan to keep being not only the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on the planet, but also send 250 riders of the 3 different classes home with a broad smile on their face ;-)


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