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Red Bull Romaniacs – Race Day 2

Red Bull Romaniacs – Race Day 2 update
Sibiu, Romania, July 18th, 2011 – Update from Day 2 of the Red Bull Romaniacs, the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye of the planet. The sun was back today and scorched the track without mercy, which was no problem for most riders, since the pace was relatively high and people went fast. Most riders enjoyed the beautiful landscape and appreciated the cooling airflow, but were also struggling with the navigation at these speeds. Therefore quite a few riders teamed up, for example Chris Birch and Letti who seemed to have had a blast together and were exchanging track-stories right after the finish. Birch however was struggling with an old hand-injury, which he kept cooling in ice after the finish. Letti also had started the race handicapped with a torn tendon at his ankle and was suffering every time he had to put his foot down. Bringing a handicap to the race was not a big problem for most of the day, but…at the end, trackmanager Seppo had prepared an uphill section through a muddy riverbed filled with logs (Pros only). He is not a very popular man after inflicting this pain on the competitors; many Pro riders screamed his name in vain and promised to kill him.
Chris Birch: “I had a much better day today and had an awesome time. The bike was great - these KTMs just seem to like this kind of abuse… The heat was not so much of a problem, the track was mainly quite flowing so got a bit of venting going on, it wasn`t so bad. Only the last bit, a muddy section in a riverbed with wood-logs allover the place was quite nasty.”
An amazing display of camaraderie today saw two pro riders sacrificing ten minutes from their race times to help fellow pro Darryl Curtis. Darryl faced a tough day today, perhaps his toughest in his history as a familiar face on the Romaniacs’ racetrack. Crashing at high speed in the woods, which sent him tumbling through the trees, had him believing that he was “finished”. Although he was not hurt his bike became stuck in a ravine, which is how Martin Volny and Emanuel Gyennes found him. Had Curtis been injured both riders would have been given the time back that they spent helping him, thankfully he wasn’t, and knowing this both Volny and Gyennes took the precious time to see him back on the track again. Rather than take the opportunity to make a lead on Curtis they showed true sportsmanship. It is acts like this that demonstrate the true Romaniacs’ spirit. Naturally they also teamed up for a while and rode together, later joined by Gerhard Forster.

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