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Hilde Gillebo, EVP Energy in Multiconsult
Hilde Gillebo, EVP Energy in Multiconsult

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Multiconsult awarded two large hydropower projects in Tanzania

Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) has awarded Multiconsulttwo major consultancy contracts for the Rumakali and Ruhudji Hydropower and Tranmission Lines projects in Tanzania. The projects will play asignificantrole in meeting the country’s increasing electricity demand.

Through the project, Multiconsult will undertake feasibility studies, prepare conceptual design and tender document, as well as conduct environmental and social impact assessment studies for the two proposed hydropower projects and associated transmission lines.

Meeting Tanzania’s rising electricity demand
The 222MegaWatt Rumakali and 358 MegaWatt Rhuhudji projects are both located in the Njombe region and could double the total installed hydropower capacity in Tanzania, from 562 MW to 1142 MW.

- We are very proud tobe participating in the energy development in Tanzaniaby being awardedthese large and important projects,” says Hilde Gillebo, EVP Energy in Multiconsult.

According to the International Energy Agency and the World Bank, Tanzania’s GDP is expected to grow by around 5-7 per cent annually over the next years. However, despite a huge hydropower and solar potential, only an estimated 36.6 per cent of the population in Tanzania currently has access to electricity. The Tanzania government has set aggressive electrification targets, aiming to achieve 75 percent electrification by 2035. The Rumakali and Ruhudjihydropower projects will be significant in meeting the country’s increasing electricity demand.”

The projects are scheduled to start immediately and are planned to be completed by Q3 2021.Norplan Tanzania Ltd and Tanzania Photomap Ltd will act as subcontractors to Multiconsult.  

Local knowledge
With extensive specialist competence on renewable energy, Multiconsult has delivered services to a wide portfolio of renewable energy projects in Tanzania. 

- With more than 40 years of experience from Tanzania, we are pleased to continue our good co-operation with TANESCO on these important projects.  Multiconsulthavea unique position which enable us to combine our international expertise with the local competence ofNorplan Tanzania, and to further contribute to clean and renewable energy development in this region, says Tom Ødegaard, SVP for Sales Renewable Energy.

Multiconsult`s other current engagements in Tanzania include various T&D and Electrification projects including Master Plan for Rural electrification, Water Resource Management projects (WRM), Solar projects and ESIA studies.

Recent hydropower engagements in Africa include Kakono HPP in Tanzania, other various small hydropower projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Mount Coffee in Liberia.



Multiconsult er et av Norges ledende miljøer innen prosjektering og rådgivning. Med røtter tilbake til 1908 har selskapet hatt en sterk innvirkning på Norges utvikling og økonomiske vekst. Sammen med samarbeidspartnere og kunder har vi skapt historie og det skal vi fortsette å gjøre i fremtiden også. For oss handler det om erfaring, rett kompetanse, effektiv prosjektstyring og riktig kompetansesammensetning blant våre medarbeidere. Vi oppfordrer både medarbeidere og kunder til å se muligheter der andre ser hindre - og å sprenge grenser der andre fristes til å gå rundt.

Multiconsult tilbyr multifaglig rådgivning, design, prosjektering, prosjektoppfølging, verifikasjon og kontroll. Multiconsult har 30-talls kontorer i Norge og internasjonalt. Hovedkontoret ligger i Oslo, men Multiconsults totale kompetanse er tilgjengelig fra alle våre kontorer. Multiconsults tjenester dekker alle prosjektfaser. Våre oppdragsgivere og samarbeidspartnere finnes over hele landet og i store deler av verden.


Gaute Christensen

Gaute Christensen

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