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Group photo taken during the High-level Event held at Hotel Verde in Zanzibar January 20th 2020 to celebrate the accomplishments of ZESS | Photo: Multiconsult
Group photo taken during the High-level Event held at Hotel Verde in Zanzibar January 20th 2020 to celebrate the accomplishments of ZESS | Photo: Multiconsult

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​Support Project modernizes the Zanzibar Energy Sector

Multiconsult has completed its role as implementation consultant for the Zanzibar Energy Sector Support Project (ZESS). The project has successfully assisted a financial turn-around of the Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO), and supported sector reforms that pave the way for private investments in renewable energy on the islands.

ZESS is a four-year broad energy sector reform project supporting the development of a sustainable energy sector in Zanzibar. The project has achieved a financial turn-around of the Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO), as well as building regulatory and policy making frameworks and capacity in the Ministry responsible for Energy and Zanzibar Utilities Regulatory Authority (ZURA). The government of Sweden has funded the project.

Modernizing the Zanzibar Energy Sector

Over the last four years, ZECO turned a net loss of 0.6 billion Tsh to a net profit of 15.4 billion. This is the result of operational efficiencies, improved collection rates through pre-paid meters, and cultural change to make ZURA a customer-centric utility. The project has also completed the policy and regulatory framework for the sector, through new Energy Policy, a Cost-of-Service study for ZECO, preparation of regulations for licensing and tariff setting, as well as the drafting of a new Energy Bill. To ensure the sustainability of the gains made, more than 1,900 person-days of training has been given to employees in ZURA, ZECO and the Department of Energy and Minerals, covering a broad set of relevant topics.

“At Multiconsult we are immensely proud of the results that our counterparts in the Ministry responsible for Energy, ZURA, and ZECO, have been able to deliver to Zanzibar over the past four years. More than 30 Multiconsult experts within power systems, regulations, policy and governance, environment, solar photovoltaic (PV), utility operations, and law have provided technical assistance and capacity building. True capacity building is a long-term commitment, and this project is proof that it works”, said Ingar Flatlandsmo, Project Manager at Multiconsult.

“With a new energy Policy and Bill, a more efficient and competent utility, and a fully operational and capacitated regulator of the electricity sector, we are now better prepared for the energy future”, said Mr. Ali Khalil Mirza, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Lands, Housing, Water and Energy.

For more information, please contact Ingar Flatlandsmo – ingar.flatlandsmo@multiconsult.no



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Gaute Christensen

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