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New members to the NHH Symposium Team: The Symposium Student Council

After a rigorous and extremely competitive application, The NHH Symposium is proud to present members of this year’s Student Council.

Collectively, they represent a diverse array of geographical locations, perspectives and ideas which will only augment the conference experience for those who partake in it! The inception of an internationally diverse student council started with the students in NHH Symposium in 2011. They were inspired by Trond Giske’s 2020-selection where the Norwegian Trade and Industry Minister had put together young leaders from Norwegian business life. Together with Trond Giske, The NHH Symposium emphasized the need to incorporate the student voice and transition towards an international theme.

- The students’ voice is very important for a successful conference and this year, we are seeking major contributions from students with the Student Council being one such initiative, says Hanne Hjelmungen Lorvik, Assistant Head of Program.

In fact, this year’s Student Council specifically includes students who are spending more than an exchange semester at international universities so as to obtain a holistic international perspective, and consequently accurately discern differences in economic and business climates between Norway and the countries in which they reside.

Discussing "War for Talent"
The members of the Student Council will come to Norway for two days in January to discuss prospective topics within the aegis of this year’s theme, more specifically the war for talent of which they as future employees will inevitably be a part. These students will then, as ambassadors of The NHH Symposium, facilitate discussion groups in their respective universities to engage local perspectives and networks. Finally, the students will attend the conference and compile their findings in a final report which will be published in the conference magazine.

- I am super excited! We are overwhelmed by the quality of applicants and the interest expressed, Hjelmungen Lorvik said when asked about this year’s Council.
- Each student comes from a different country and together, they cover different qualities and different academic pursuits, Johanna Knudsen, Project Manager added.

It thus comes as no surprise that this year’s Council comprises individuals with exceptional calibre committed to making The NHH Symposium brand one that is reckoned beyond the borders of Norway, irrespective of whether you’re across the Atlantic or the Pacific!

This year’s Council comprises six Norwegian students spanning different countries and it is our distinct privilege to welcome the following individuals to the Symposium family.

The Symposium Student Council 2013:

Cilia Holmes Indahl, Norway

Cilia (23) is originally from Tromsø. Having recently finished her undergraduate degree in Economy and Business Administration from NHH, she will start her Masters pursuing a double degree in sustainable development from NHH and HEC Paris. In addition to her academic pursuits, Cilia has been actively involved in the student union. She has formerly served as the Head of the Executive Board in 2011 and is the current student representative to the NHH board.

Ingrid Sofie Øvrum Sem, France
Originally from Skien, Ingrid (21) has studied in Ghana, Spain and France bringing with herself a salient international educational experience. She is currently in her second year pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at the Toulouse School of Economics. Ingrid is also the leader of the ANSA-board in France.

Dino Samadhi Ratnaweera, England
Originally from Oslo, Dino (22) is currently completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge in England working on a multi disciplined project at the Department of Geography and Climate Research. Previously, Dino successfully completed a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Business Management from King's College, London. Besides his academic commitments, Dino is also a football coach for disadvantaged children in collaboration with Arsenal Football Club.

Line Brotnow, USA 
Line (25) is originally from Lillestrøm and after graduating from high school, moved to France to study French. As part of her undergraduate career, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology pursuant to which she is now working on a double master’s degree in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychopathology from University College London and Yale University, USA. Line also has a deep interest in classical music and has previously contributed to organizing the Oslo Chamber Music Festival.

Lars Øivind Torp Haakenstad, Hong Kong
Lars (21) is originally from Halden. Currently, he is in his third year at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology completing a Bachelor in Business Administration degree in Business Management and Finance. Lars has devoted himself as an international student ambassador for the school, and contributes to the school by actively contributing to recruitment and promotion in Norway.

Line Viktoria Fineide, South Africa
Line Viktoria (23) is originally from Lørenskog. Having attained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Agder, she is now pursuing a master’s degree in the field of International Studies at Stellenbosch University in South Africa in collaboration with the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). Additionally, Line Viktoria currently serves as the Head of Events for ANSA-South Africa.

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