7th lane - Artist talk with Lisa Holden

Dato 2. juni 2010 20:00 – 21:00

Sted PUG#1 - Lilleakerveien 4B, Oslo

The opening of 7th Lane is at 7, and we are proud to present Lisa Holden as one of the exibitors - all the way from the Netherlands. At around 8 she will do her artisttalk and show her work Lisa Holden’s photoworks combine two media that are frequently considered at opposite poles: the digital and the hand-painted. In her compositions, w...hich sample imagery from early studio photography, classical painting and consumer culture, Holden balances digital and analogue media, new and traditional imagery, realism and fantasy. Frequently taking her own image as the starting point, the artist integrates the digital artefacts randomly generated by the repeated layering process into the final composition. An adopted child of South African and Austrian parentage, Holden grew up in Britain. Her multi-layered works explore her ongoing interest in themes of personal identity and constructed realities. She has exhibited in London, the United States and throughout Europe and has work in numerous public and private collections, including the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA; Sammlung Land Tirol (Austria); GasUnie (NL); the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; AKZO NOBEL (NL); ABN; AMRO; and Interpolis. Her work has been featured in various art and photography magazines and exhibition catalogues.


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