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UITP - Post Summit tour Oslo

Dato 14. juni 2019 09:00 – 16:00

Sted Oslo

The Post Summit Oslo tour is part of the global Public Transport Summit held in Stockholm in june.

Visit Oslo and learn how Ruter is changing and adapting to citizens and customer individual needs. Ruter has always focused on traditional public transport modes but is now expanding its horizon towards “sustainable freedom of movement”. This implies flexible transport-solutions that include the whole journey from door-to-door.

Oslo has, by the European Commission, been awarded the title as European Green Capital for 2019.

Here what you can expect coming to Oslo Friday June 14th:





Pressekontakt 400 01 518

Velkommen til Ruter AS!

Ruter er et felles administrasjonsselskap for kollektivtrafikken i Oslo og Akershus.

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