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Studytrip to Jordan 14-19 november 2012

Jordan Tourism Board, Turkish Airlines, in co-operation with DaGama Travelweb is organising a studytrip (media/fam trip) to Jordan 14-19 November 2012. 

Meida/Press, interested in Jordan, are invited to participate at this studytrip to Jordan, departing from Copenhagen the 14th of November 2012. There is a limited number of seats, please send us an e-mail ASAP if you are interested to participate. 

The program is not 100% set, but we hope to be able to show you "the best" of Jordan during this trip. 

You will get the opportunity to try the food, experience the desert and the sea, the salt and the beach, get a feeling of the culture and experience the modern life. We will show you the traces of the Romans, give you an idea of the religious histroy and you will see Jordan in a new way - beyond your expectations. 

And of course you will visit Petra. Petra is must! You will meet the people - kind, friendly and welcoming people. The people of Jordan. Jordan is not what you think it is!

Ps. Did you know? A traditional Bedouin coffee ceremony involves 3 cups of coffee - one for the soul, one for the sword, and one because you are a guest...If you ask for a fourth you’re being greedy!


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Experience Jordan

Jordan is a unique destination offering breathtaking and mysterious sights, high standard accommodations, exquisite cuisine and countless activities that provides the visitor with inspiration, motivation and rejuvenation.


Catharina C Berg

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