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Wildix Releases New Analytics Tool for Unified Communication Optimization

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Wildix Releases New Analytics Tool for Unified Communication Optimization

- x-caracal empowers sales and marketing teams with deeper insight into customer interactions -

Oslo, Norway. (April 22, 2021) – Wildix, developer of the first web-based unified communications and collaboration solution oriented toward increasing sales, today released x-caracal, an analytics tool that enables Wildix users to evaluate the effectiveness of customer communications in generating leads and sales profits.

In keeping with the company’s strong sales-focused positioning, the Wildix solution enables users to transform their websites into powerful sales tools where website visitors can easily move from automated chat to live chat to phone support without ever leaving their browser. The ability to engage with potential customers in this way delivers more control over the sales process, increases conversion rates and creates opportunities to compress the time from initial interest to conversion.

With the addition of the newly released x-caracal, Wildix users can analyze each stage of their communications with customers as well as how effective they are at moving prospects through their journey. x-caracal provides a dashboard view of communications that can be used for on-going monitoring while standard and customized reports utilize built-in business intelligence to identify trends and opportunities for optimization. Using x-caracal, sales and marketing leaders can identify gaps that are leading to missed opportunities, allocate resources more effectively and refine processes and tactics to maximize conversions.

“We enable our customers to improve marketing and sales by using their website as a platform for engaging with their customers through multiple channels,” said Iana Biel, Business Development Manager for Wildix Nordica. “x-caracal gives them the insight they need to truly optimize the customer journey and provides businesses of every size with analytics capabilities similar to the largest and most sophisticated call centers.”

x-caracal is the first of multiple platform updates focused on enhancing the customer experience at every stage of the sales journey previewed for Wildix Partners at the company’s 2021 virtual UC&C Summit in January. Wildix sells exclusively through its Partner network to eliminate channel conflict and ensure users get the highest level of support.

To learn more about the Wildix platform, or how to become a Wildix Partner, visit www.wildix.com.



About Wildix:

Wildix is the first Unified Communications solution that is 100% sales-oriented.

The company was founded in 2005 by the Osler brothers, two young entrepreneurs with a solid background in information technology and engineering. 

Wildix helps companies grow with 100% secure products that put the latest technology at their service, offering a booster for each step of the customer journey. Over a million Wildix active users worldwide trust in the communication services provided by Wildix. Thousands of businesses across 135 countries have seen significant cost savings, leaner business processes, and access to new business tools that guarantee a positive ROI.


Chiara Turrini

Chiara Turrini

Pressekontakt Global Communication Manager

The First Sales-Oriented Unified Communications Solution

Your communications system can either boost your revenue or create bottlenecks that slow your business down.

Turn it into the core of your operations and grow your business, all while saving time and maintaining total security.

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